Core Team


Core Team comprises a small group of students from the university campuses represented in Alabaster Group (see About Us for complete list). Simply put, all of us are ravenous for more of the Lord.


We meet frequently throughout the year, training so that we can serve fully in the ministries on our campuses. During our meetings, we receive ministry from outside speakers; we worship through songs and prayer; we learn how to grow in our walks with God. Guided by the Lord, we also help lead Alabaster Group ministries on our own campuses, and we plan various conferences and outreach events.


We strive to serve Him with all of our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. It is the cry of our Father’s heart—and, therefore, our goal—to see every person at every one of our universities filled with a love and hunger for Him.  


Students from our target campuses interested in joining Core Team should see our Core Team Invitation Guide for further details.

2018 - 2019