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Angela Greenig
Founder of Angela Greenig Ministries and Kingdom Invasion Media

Angela Greenig is founder of Angela Greenig Ministries. Angela is a seasoned seer and crusader for Jesus Christ and a leading force in deliverance ministry. She is a defender of the faith and a voice for those who have no voice. For the past three decades, Angela and her husband Larry have been in ministry training up the body of Christ and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and serving children—the poor and broken at home and around the world.



Angela radically came to Jesus after encountering the light and love of God. When Angela ministers, she calls forth destiny in people and binds works of darkness. She is known for declaring “God is God, and Satan is not.” Angela releases the wind, fire, and rain of the Holy Spirit that produces change in people lives as they cry out Abba Father. She decrees that Satan has no reign and no authority.

Angela fervently lives with the truth that light belongs in darkness and is radical because of the darkness she dwelt in. She told God if she got free, she would never shut up about him. At 21, she was forced to talk to a pastor and when the pastor spoke to her, a shaft of life came into her life when she heard about Jesus and suddenly she could hear and see. Angela persisted in reading the word—trusting that it would renew her mind—and soon her life began to transform. The Lord spoke to her in an audible voice and looked in the mirror and said, “Life and death is in your tongue and you have to start seeing you as I see you, and I have come to set you free.” God also ministered to her and affirmed that she is wonderfully made saying, “Daughter, I am releasing the spirit of adoption, and I will never leave you.”

Angela is confounded by the fact that no one told her about Jesus until she was 21 years old, which fuels her own passion for evangelism. Angela has been stepping out for the past three decades with the knowledge that God’s light can invade any level of darkness. Angela lives the release of that light and is a ferocious woman for the King. Angela injects a fight into those who do not have any fight left in them, releasing bold love and tenacity.  

As Founder of Angela Greenig Ministries and Kingdom Invasion Media, she has brought hope, healing and freedom to many people in their physical and spiritual needs. Recently, numerous Deliverance Centers have been established strategically in several of these areas to meet the spreading need for deliverance and freedom. She has also written and released several books and DVDs to guide and instruct God's people how to become armed and dangerous against the enemy and claim victory in their lives and for their families. Her teaching and insight come from years on the front lines of spiritual warfare. With a heart for the salvation and deliverance of people, her efforts include further extending the name of Jesus throughout Pakistan and helping to improve living conditions for the impoverished in Africa and the garbage dumps in Mexico, with a vision to expand these efforts globally.

Angela and her husband Larry call Washington State home. When she is not traveling internationally, she is often found feeding the homeless and evangelizing on the streets of Seattle, Tacoma, and Auburn since Washington is one of the most unchurched states in the nation and is in desperate need for Christ.