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Bob Johnson


Bob Johnson is a hidden hero, who lives counter-culturally bringing the message of "Jesus to the World" to the homeless, the prostitutes, and the drug dealers of San Francisco. He has a passion to treat hell’s trash like heaven’s treasure, transforming the lives of the most neglected and unloved people in the city with Jesus’ radical love. He currently lives in Redding, CA, and serves in Bethel Church alongside his brother and pastor of Bethel, Bill Johnson. 



Bob grew up in a generation of pastors knowing Jesus all his life. He says, “My drug addiction was three aspirins.” He then radically encountered God, and transformed from being merely a soldier who obeyed God’s commands to a hopeless romantic who chases after his Lover. From there, God put a strong burden to love the unlovely on his heart. His desire is to set people free and is thus deeply involved from heavy social injustice issues like child trafficking to practical aspects like water purification.



He is a powerful evangelist who ministers with his wife Kimberly Johnson, in San Francisco, where they have been reaching the lost for over eleven years. Wherever they go, they show the Father’s love to the homeless, prostitutes, and inner city kids. They have come to learn that if you can just give someone a taste of Jesus, they will be forever changed.


Just like how Jesus did not just preach but went among the poor to heal and meet people’s needs, Bob is not about just preaching from the pulpit, but about being and doing. Their ministry developed by feeding the poor, washing the feet of the homeless, and by handing out roses with a message of “You are loved” to prostitutes on the San Francisco streets.


Bob often talks about his memorial stones – that is, the times God brought special opportunities into his path for him to minister and love – and he always makes it a point to return to them and give thanks, even in the hard times. One memorial stone is of a woman on the streets named Vena. She was a heroin addict with rotting teeth and open sores. Bob came up to her and asked what she needed. She told him that all she wanted was for someone to wash her hair. She was so ill-taken care of that just getting her hair washed was considered a luxury. As Bob started to wash her hair and perform the simple act of fulfilling such a wish, he was all of a sudden taken up to heaven in a vision. As he was there, a beautiful, glowing woman came running towards him – it was Vena. Embracing him, she exclaimed, “Remember how you washed my hair? I’m here because of that!” Then, immediately, he found himself again in the dark dingy alley of San Francisco, tenderly washing the filthy hair of Vena. Yet, that memory will always be engraved in his mind, and he keeps on returning to it to remind himself of the eternal impact his ministry is having on the unlovelies he comes into contact with everyday.


A man of extreme faith, Bob has no doubt that his words have power to move heavens and earth, and in his words, to “rip the devil’s lips off." His message is real and he is not afraid to state the truth, but in his practical, down-to-earth, and humorous manner. Yet, for all his idiosyncrasies, it is clear that the anointing on his life is tremendous and he truly lives out, “And the greatest of these is love" (see 1 Corinthians 13:13). He is raising his voice to bring freedom to the captives and combat injustices in society right outside his doorstep and around the world with the faith-filled goal of completely eradicating modern-day slavery from the face of this earth. A romantic soldier, Bob walks in true love and supernatural power everyday, carrying the Kingdom as he goes into the deepest and darkest places. 


Click here to hear Bob preach on the orphan heart.