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Julie Meyer
Worship Leader, International House of Prayer Kansas City

Julie Meyer is a worship leader and songwriter at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, where she has served since 1999. Her intimate experiences with the Bridegroom have led her to write many prophetic songs and spontaneous choruses, which have ushered many into the presence of God.  She has a heart to carry the glory and presence of God as an abandoned worshiper.


Julie’s understanding of God from her secret place of intimacy has greatly fueled her music creativity in the house of prayer. Since God began to release her musical and prophetic abilities in ministry, she has recorded several CDs and is the author of Dreams and Supernatural Encounters With God. Her most recent book, Invitation to Encounter, chronicles a series of prophetic dreams she received that carry an invitation from the Lord for all to encounter Him. She travels to minister at conferences and churches, teaching about the kindness of Jesus from the Song of Songs and the wealth of going deep in God.

She keeps her heart alive in worship by focusing her heart on Revelation 4. Whether she’s leading worship or singing prophetically, she always takes herself back to that passage. She believes that there is always that focal point of the worship scene in heaven of the Lamb who was slain, and that it is such a privilege to join together with all the angels to sing “Worthy, worthy, worthy!” for all of eternity. She takes care to connect with the Lord in her quiet time and not let her heart be drawn away, because she believes that worship is an overflow of what you do when no one else is looking. During this quiet time, God has showed her how He is going to break in into the sex industry and Korea.

Julie and her husband, Walt, have three sons – Isaac and twins Jesse and Joseph, who are all on staff at IHOP-KC. Her sons grew up at the International House of Prayer, serving and playing on worship teams. On top of being involved with the worship ministry at IHOP, Julie and her husband help support the IHOP missions base.

The following is one of Julie’s prophetic songs:

Paint Your Picture

Pick me up like a paintbrush, God
Dip it in the colors of my life
Paint your picture, Father
And fashion a heart that is wholly Yours

Take your fingers, God
Master Potter Come mold the clay
Tell your story
As you mold me
Fashion a heart that is wholly hours

And write your name, write your name
In the clay
And sign your name, sign your name
On the picture

Take all I am
Take all I have
I am Yours forever, forever