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Lance Wallnau
Founder, Lance Learning Group

Dr. Lance Wallnau is a dynamic teacher with a unique and powerful gift of imparting the Word of God. Communicating often through humor, illustrations, and drawings, he speaks with great authority, clarity, and personal application and empowers audiences and clients worldwide towards personal and societal transformation with the seven mountain template for cultural impact. In addition to consulting and training artists, business leaders, and government officials, Lance Wallnau founded The Lance Learning Group and serves as an adjunct professor at South West Christian University.


Lance Wallnau is a world-class trainer and consultant whose students span the globe from Business to Foreign Governments. Incorporating his background as an Executive in the petroleum industry and as a leader of non-profit organizations, his work and teachings have impacted the field of personal and organizational transformation and development.


Lance believes that the problems facing the world cannot be solved by governments alone, but require fresh innovative leadership that partners government, business, and non-profit volunteerism to produce healthy communities, economies, and nations. Learning from and consulting with international teams involved on the front lines of transformation, Lance and his colleagues not only build profitable organizations, but also have worked to create solutions to problems that touch every realm of society from reforming prisons to combating corruption. With the goal of touching 100 nations and raising up 10,000 trained associates, Lance founded The Lance Learning Group in 2001 that helps professionals better actualize their careers and increase their spheres of influence. In doing so, The Lance Learning Group identifies, studies, empowers, and networks leaders globally to reduce conflict and develop the economies of nations. Using cutting-edge technology and training, Lance trains Fortune 500 companies as well as a myriad of ministry networks, churches, and volunteer organizations. Apart from The Lance Learning Group, Lance serves as an adjunct professor to the Graduate School of South West Christian University where he earned a Masters degree in Theological studies.


Lance is known for teaching on the Seven Mountains of leadership: Business, Government, Education, Family, Religion, Media, and Arts. From these seven areas, he believes that the next generation of leaders will ultimately shape the culture of nations. Lance and his team provide both corporate training programs and personalized one-on-one assistance to help individuals find the resources and connections they need to bring their calling and career into clarity.


The many clients he has worked with and trained include educator C. Peter Wagner, heavy metal rock star Brian Welch, reality TV producer Heidi Tuttle, and Georgia State Senator Michael Crotts.


Lance and his wife Annabelle currently live in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas with their three children.