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Mario Murillo
Founder, Mario Murillo Ministries


Mario Murillo is a servant of the Lord whose heart's vision is to see His Kingdom manifested on earth as it is in Heaven. As God's mouthpiece for the Gospel, Mario has faith that God is bringing in a great harvest through Christians who are willing to be used for His glory by displaying His love in signs and wonders that point lost souls to the Way, the Truth, and the Life: His Son Jesus.



Mario is an evangelist from San Francisco. He first began preaching the Gospel to college students at Berkeley in the midst of the student revolutions of the 70s. It was a dark time but out of it, God birthed revival: a renewed passion among young people to seek Him. Who is this God? He is a God who demonstrates His love uniquely to His children through healing miracles, such as recovery of sight and deliverance from addictions and emotional bondage. Since that first move of God, Mario has followed the Lord's call across the U.S., in prominent cities like Orlando, Florida and Portland, Oregon, and across the world, from Australia to South Africa, stirring people's hearts unto Jesus and seeing hundreds of thousands of people saved. Ultimately, God brought him back to the Bay area to destroy the works of the devil in America. The Lord told Mario to "invade America's killing fields", where gangs, drug dealers, and the poor are being oppressed by the evil one, and he has obeyed and seen God's faithfulness in setting them free.


In his own life, Mario has witnessed the awesome majesty of the Lord in restoring his family and his and Mechelle's marriage after they were divorced for fourteen years. Through this miraculous reconciliation, he understands that the key to victory is humility and complete trust in God,  and he has hope that the Lord will also reunite America to Himself in the coming days. He keeps a blog that speaks to the youth by presenting a God-perspective of modern culture. In addition, he has written a number of books, such as Fresh Fire, I am the Christian the devil Warned You About, and Reaching Critical Masses, his most recent one, which is now required reading in over 50 schools, colleges, and universities including the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.   


Currently Mario lives with his beautiful wife Mechelle and their son in a small town called Martinez, California, where they started the American Revival Center, a place out of which God's power and love is flowing and will continue to flow in order to touch the poor in spirit of America.