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Michele Perry
Founder, Iris-South Sudan

After six years of pioneering Iris’ initial presence in South Sudan, Michele Perry continues to serve as the founder, raising awareness in the West and supporting the field teams however she can.  When she is in South Sudan, she gets to do what she loves most: hug babies, visit villages, stay creative, and keep on telling story of God’s amazing goodness as it unfolds around her.

Michele is now based in Jacksonville, Florida, where she is pioneering a local Iris missions community, as well as coordinating creative support structures for projects within Iris South Sudan.  She travels often to speak and minister. 





Although born without a left kidney, hip, and leg, Michele Perry is considered by many to be one of the most joyful people on earth. While most people would find it difficult to be a missionary without these essential organs, she has dedicated her life to change the world one orphan child at a time.


Michele has a long history with the Lord. At the tender age of seven, at an anxious time right before an uncertain and major surgery, Michele challenged the Lord and said, “Jesus, if you’re really real and you’re really who that book says you are, I want to know you.” In that moment, Jesus appeared in her room. He sat at the foot of her bed and looked at her with eyes of liquid love and kindness. Michele was overcome with how beautiful His eyes were. He told her that if she followed Him, she would see whole groups of people come to know Him. From that moment, Michele knew her destiny was to reach the world for His kingdom.


During a visit to the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, Michele was caught up in a vision. In the vision she saw a banqueting table with the poor and hungry of the earth gathered around looking for someone to feed them. As she took a piece of bread and ate it, those around the table were able to eat the same food. In the vision, the Lord showed her that He was calling her to the poor and hungry in the world. The Lord invited her to experience His love on a deeper level. After this encounter with the Lord, Michele went to India where she served the lepers, the sick, and the untouchables of the country.


While traveling back to India, the Lord spoke to Michele and said “Beloved, I am so happy you want to go to India, but could I send you to Sudan instead?” It had always been in her heart to serve in the most broken place on earth. After hearing the Lord, she stepped out in faith and left as a pioneer into an unknown country. When Michele arrived in South Sudan, the region had over three million orphans and was labeled as the number one most failed state in the world. Iris-South Sudan has grown from taking in its first child, to being a home for over 110 children.  Since its foundation, the Lord has consistently provided for Iris-South Sudan. On one occasion, the campus had run out of food and Michele traveled to Uganda to draw money from a bank. While on her trip, just before running out of food, an unsolicited truck pulled in carrying food and supplies for the organization. Michele witnessed many miracles like these during her time in South Sudan; today, the children are still praying for people, going on outreaches, and seeing the blind and deaf being healed.