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Shawn Williamson
Minister, Freedom Ministries

Shawn Williamson works with Freedom Ministries, which represents a missionary work to the indigenous people of Latin America. It seeks to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of God to people who do not know of it; to go to villages and people groups where there has not yet been a witness of the salvation and healing power of the blood of Jesus; to set the captives free--to bring FREEDOM. 



Shawn Williamson was born in Louisiana. He was raised most of his life on the mission field by his parents Joey and Kim Williamson. He has worked full time with Freedom Ministries since 1993 when he finished Ministers Training Institute.


By now, Freedom Ministries has pioneered over six hundred churches, and countless villages have been brought the Gospel. The mountainous region where many of the churches exist is a harsh area with few roads and many villages only recently having electric power.


The primary focus of this ministry is to go into villages and regions where there is no established work of the Gospel. The ministers like Shawn go to seek souls, healings and deliverances for the kingdom of God. Although the ministry has reached into many countries, the main area of the missionary work is along the eastern side of the country of Mexico, with churches extending from the border with the United States to the Guatemalan border in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.


The ministry seeks to establish churches, train leaders and enable national pastors to spread the Gospel. Reaching out now to a third generation since its beginning, the work is a lifelong commitment for the missionaries who work there. There are now many national missionaries who are being sent out from their local churches to other Indian tribes in Mexico.


Shawn now lives in Central Mexico with his wife Crystal and their daughter Dacey.