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Stacey Campbell
Senior Pastor, New Life Church

Stacey Campbell is a prophetic voice to the world from God, and one of her callings is to walk with the next generation. She desires to help believers grow in their intimacy with the Lord to hear His voice. She and her husband Wesley are senior pastors of New Life Church in Kelowna, B.C., Canada, and founders of  RevivalNOW! Ministries and "Be A Hero", a ministry that cares for children around the world suffering due to poverty, slavery, sexual exploitation, plagues, and war.



Growing up, she had no idea of the God who loves us so much until when she was five years old, in a dream, Jesus appeared to her and spoke audibly to her, saying, "Christ has died, Christ has risen, and Christ will come again." Since this encounter, she has never been the same. She describes it as a sudden impartation of the fear of the Lord that caused her to begin seeking Him. While living in an alcoholic home filled with drug use, she was so hungry for God because nobody would talk to her about God that when she met Wesley (her future husband), she eagerly went with him to church. At 16 years old, upon realizing she couldn't make any sense of the Bible, she came home one day, and in her room, began meditating upon the Word, day and night (Joshua 1:8). In the secret place, she spent her most intimate  and life-changing moments with God. One time in college, while praying the Bible, she had an extraordinary encounter with God's Presence: the whole room began to glow with light, and she had an out-of-body experience. She flew with Jesus over the Earth, and He showed her many nations and peoples of different colors and then said, "I am Lord of the nations. I am Lord of you, and I want you to marry Wesley." 


Being from a conservative denomination that started the doctrine of cessationism, she did not believe in the supernatural and even taught this after seminary, until the Lord intervened. At one church service, she was witnessing a group of people who had been invited to her church prophesying over a man, when she felt this wind in her stomach that erupted up and out of her mouth, and she began speaking in tongues. She knew the peace of God in that instance even though she had never experienced anything like it before. Over time, He has nurtured her in the prophetic gifting and she has prophesied over more than 25,000 people. One testimony took place on the streets of Las Vegas: a man who had been in prison for 13 years had just gotten out and was wandering the city on the day that Stacey was ministering on the streets. When she prayed for him, God gave her specific details about his childhood and had her tell him that He had a destiny for him and would heal him of all his pain. The man was touched by God's love and saved that very night. She also moves in the gift of healing and God has used her to heal many people, with the first being an Eskimo woman with arthritis in the knees. Stacey lives in the supernatural simply because she abides in the One who is supernatural, and her life reveals how God blesses those who seek Him first.


Stacey and her husband Wesley live in Kelowna, B.C., Canada with their five children, where the also are the senior pastors of New Life Church. She is the author of Ecstatic Prophesy and Praying the Bible.