Core Team
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Core Team
2017 - 2018

Amber Buhagiar, Brown University '18



Amber Buhagiar is a senior at Brown University studying Biomedical Engineering on a premed track. Since close personal encounters with God manifest the fruit of the Spirit, Amber continually strives to encounter the profound attributes of the Heavenly Father by daily drawing near to Him in worship and study of scripture. She desires to see Heaven come on Brown’s campus by believing that God will release love, hope, peace, restoration, and redemption among her peers, renouncing any spirt of brokenness to form one united body. Having struggled with performance anxiety and self-defeating habits herself, Amber has a heart for those who grapple with self-acceptance and prays to see them become fully aware of their God-given worth, accepting that their identity in Christ is secure and unchanged despite failure or success. In her spare time, Amber enjoys cooking vegetarian cuisine, trying new coffee shops, and talking about Jesus!



Angela Kim, Dartmouth College '17



Angela graduated from Dartmouth College in 2017 with a major in Geography. After encountering the Holy Spirit in her sophomore year of high school, she desired to live trusting the Lord with all her heart. It was not until college though that she began to live a life knowing only Jesus Christ and him crucified. Her desire is to witness atmospheres shifting and see hearts set free by God’s radical love, especially on college campuses. In her free time, Angela enjoys making pottery, running along the Connecticut River, journaling, and eating. She desires to live a life that pleases the Lord to one day throw her crowns at Jesus’ feet and worship him.




Jacklyne Vargas, Brown University '18



Jacklyne Vargas is a senior at Brown University studying Political Science. She constantly works to learn new aspects of God's perfect love and strives to do everything she can to enable others to encounter and be undone by that same marvelous love. Having grown up in the church but only really deciding to pursue Jesus in her late teens, Jacklyne knows how it is to feel disconnected and far away from our Father but hopes to help others eradicate that spirit of loneliness and help them build the true Father-child relationship God always intended us to have. She has a burning heart for souls and prays to see people--as well as enable others to see themselves--as God sees them, complete and perfect in His image and likeness. She can often be found with her head buried in a book trying to keep up with an immense amount of assigned readings but will absolutely be willing to drop said book to pray with anyone and speak to others about Jesus.