Alabaster Group exists to glorify Jesus Christ and to work towards the expansion of the influence of his gospel in every place where we and our members live and work. The group was established by the Holy Spirit through our founder in 2011 to be a ministry that prioritized the genuine love for, pursuit of and relationship with God himself. In our view, authentic faith in Jesus by a community of believers is evidenced by the operation of God’s power (1 Cor 4:20) and the fruit of his kingdom, including righteousness, peace, and joy in God’s Spirit (Romans 14:17). Thus, we aim to show, by good works, by demonstrations of God’s power, and by living blamelessly through his grace, the greatness of God’s glory and the truth of his gospel.

Today, our work focus is defined by several different communities where we work and serve - university campuses and New York City. We invite you to visit us at any of our Sunday morning services or at a special service or other event. Additionally, if you are a university student, please join us on campus or at a student retreat.