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give via donor advised fund

Certain contributors may prefer giving through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), in which case we would suggest Paypal Giving Fund (PPGF). No processing fees are charged on these contributions!


PPGF (rather than Alabaster Group) will provide tax receipts for donations made through their portal that benefit us.

For all other DAF donations, we accept checks and electronic transfers per the delivery instructions below.


Gifts by Check, ACH, or Wire Transfer

GIve by mailing a check

We accept checks in US Dollar funds payable to “Alabaster Group”. Please deliver to:

Alabaster Group
1441 Broadway Ste 3078
New York, NY 10018


GIve by ACH or Wire transfer

To transfer funds directly to Alabaster Group, please use the information below. We would appreciate an email to with donor name, address, email, date of donation, and amount of donation so that we can properly acknowledge the gift.

Acct. Name: Alabaster Group Ltd.
Acct. #: Contact Us
Bank Name: Bank of America, NA
Bank Address: 222 Broadway, New York, NY 10038

Routing Information for ACH and Domestic Wires
ABA Routing (ACH): 021000322
ABA Routing (Domestic Wires): 026009593

Routing Information for International Wires
SWIFT (Wires in US Dollars): BOFAUS3N
SWIFT (Wires in other currencies): BOFAUS6S


Gifts of Assets


We are generally able to accept gifts of all types of securities. For DTC-registered assets, which include publicly traded stocks and most other commonly held securities, please instruct your broker to electronically deliver the securities to our account at Fidelity Investments:

DTC #: 0226
Brokerage: Fidelity Investments
Address: Attn TOA Receives, PO Box 770001, Cincinnati, OH 45277-0036
Acct Holder: Alabaster Group Ltd.
Acct Number: Contact Us

After the transfer has been requested from your brokerage, please send a copy of your Letter of Authorization, name, date of transfer, names of securities, and number of shares transferred to us at so that we can confirm receipt of the securities and acknowledge the gift.


Securities in physical form

To donate securities held in physical form, please mail the certificates to us for deposit. Please ensure that a medallion guarantee and any other transfer requirements are completed before sending to us. Please deliver physical certificates to:

Alabaster Group
1441 Broadway Ste 3078
New York, NY 10018


complex assets

We appreciate your interest in donating more complex assets (such as real estate, partnership interests, physical assets, or other illiquid assets) and are delighted to work with you arrange receipt of such assets, if we determine that we are able to receive the intended gift. Please contact us at with a description of your intended donations.