Alabaster Group

We exist out of devotion to Jesus Christ, to spread his gospel to the increase of his glory.



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Sunday Services

We gather each Sunday morning in the pursuit of God as a local church community. Services are open to the public, and all are welcome.

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Campus Ministry

We hold weekly prayer and Bible studies, host retreats for students, offer discipleship, counseling, and prayer - and continually seek to expand the influence of the gospel on university campuses.

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Core Principles

Our Core Principles are not a statement of what we believe (see Statement of Faith) but rather a means of informing how we intend to live. These values give vision and guidance to our members and help define our spiritual community.



We live for Jesus Christ, out of love for him and devotion to his gospel. Theology can become complicated and ministry methods sophisticated, but our ultimate desire is simply Jesus himself.


We know that we can draw near to God, see his beauty, and enjoy intimacy and companionship with him. This is the foundation of life and ministry, and it requires a pure heart, a hunger for righteousness, and an relentless eagerness to seek him.


We depend on his presence and power for everything, and we trust him for all kinds of miracles to confirm the gospel among us. By his agency, Jesus constantly proves that his goodness and wisdom exceeds our understanding.


We grow by increasing in humility. As we seek him, we become more aware of our previous dullness, sinfulness, lack of faith, foolishness, and poor judgment. Our only response to the revelation of him is to go lower and rejoice in our weakness, that he may demonstrate his own strength and wisdom through us.


We recognize that faith working through love is necessary to please God. Our faith is tested to produce perseverance, which perfects us in Christ. Thus, we have confidence in things hoped for in God, not in things seen in this world.


We give eagerly and joyfully sacrifice for the work of his kingdom. In the pursuit of obedience to him, no cost is too great and nothing is withheld. Our offering to him begins with a broken spirit and a contrite heart, full of joy.


We value suffering that produces holiness in us, accepting that following Christ requires willingness to suffer for his name. Therefore, we resolve to know nothing but Christ and him crucified. We rejoice when we are counted worthy to exchange the riches of this world for the riches of God in Jesus Christ.


We strengthen ourselves with the unfailing joy of the Lord, which easily eclipses our hardships, labors, and trials. In his Spirit, we discover the fullness of joy that knows no bounds. His joy sustains us, equips us, and motivates us.


We testify that wisdom fosters excellence in all things, unto God’s glory. Wisdom leads us to excellence and, with perseverance, produces righteousness in us. With excellence, we are given opportunities to spread the knowledge of him and to demonstrate his love and power.



We celebrate his grace, which is sufficient for us in every circumstance. By his grace, we have been saved, justified, and redeemed - and given the opportunity to see him, to know his truth, and approach him confidently. We desire to be filled with his grace, which allows us to be his witnesses and magnifies his strengthen in our weakness.



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Everyone is welcome to attend our weekly church service at 11AM on Sundays. We look forward to having you join us for a time of worship, teaching, and fellowship.

campus ministries

We hold weekly prayer and Bible study at some of our target campuses.

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If you would like to support our work, we gratefully accept donations in a number of ways.