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what is core team

Core Team is the nucleus of our campus programs and the most progressive expression of our vision for personal student discipleship. Spiritual awakening and cultural transformation on campuses requires the Holy Spirit’s power and wisdom, which are cultivated in a student’s life through the intentional pursuit of God. However, a lifestyle conducive to personal transformation, a prerequisite to effective ministry, does not emerge by accident in anyone - not even in the greatest saints. It is intentionally cultivated by those willing to go the distance in Jesus.

We believe that anyone who desires God’s hand upon his life must patiently nurture the soil of his soul. This is essentially why Core Team exists. Our aim, as it pertains to the life of every Core Team student, is to present the Holy Spirit with a soul - humble, devoted, faithful, eager, and willing - ready to be captivated by and drawn into his glorious will and purposes.

Some (usually sincere, well-meaning young believers) suppose that the condition of their soul is secondary to their dedication or their ability to effectuate good works. In other words, the notion is that with enough devotion, sincerity, hard work, and sacrifice, the kingdom of God may be expanded and the fullness of God’s will realized.

But Jesus teaches us otherwise. Faithfully abiding in him, seeking him, and devoting ourselves to simply loving him precedes and facilitates spiritual fruitfulness. Without closeness to Jesus, all our labors, no matter how noble, are vanity. Thus, we desire to present to Jesus souls mature and ready for fruitful labors in the Holy Spirit.

We expect that campus transformation will not be brought about primarily by professional ministers stationed on campus. Rather, students themselves must be ready to present the reality of the gospel and represent Jesus to their peers - in power, in truth, and in love. Thus, the work is not finished - and indeed cannot be completed - until a group of students choose unhindered and unentangled devotion to Jesus Christ and his gospel.